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Water Heaters/ Tankless Heaters

Clark HVAC has a range of water heaters/tankless heaters to suit all types of properties and needs. By choosing the right type of water heater you will be able to save tons of money on your energy bills. The tankless water heaters save space in your home and give you an endless supply of hot water.

With modern water heaters you don’t have to wait for hours for water to warm up before use. Also, no more fighting for first shower! You can be the last one in and be assured that hot water will be at infinite stock. Water heaters can be powered by a variety of fuels including propane gas, electricity and even solar power. Clark HVAC can help you decide which is best for your home or business taking into account your everyday use.


Conventional style heaters work by heating the water by a special burner under the storage tank. Those without a storage tank will heat as the water passes through them with elements. This works just like a conventional oven, but at a faster rate, to give you hot water when you need it.


The elements located on the top and bottom of the tank heat the water consistently and timely. The bottom element recovers the heat when the device has been on standby to maintain the temperature, whereas the upper element is used when more hot water is needed (like shower time). The best type of heaters are those that have an intelligent distribution system and storage container that allow it to turn on and off when it is needed or to a specific time period set by the user.


Clark HVAC has a range of water and heating systems, even ones that utilize renewable resources, like solar energy!
They work by taking the suns energy with solar panels fitted to the building’s roof and use them to power the device. More people are choosing these devices due to the massive electrical bill reduction. All of the water heaters and tankless water heaters at Clark HVAC meet the necessary standards, and can be fitted into even the smallest of homes. The tankless water heaters take up a lot less room than the standard ones so they are ideal for smaller apartments and those that wish to conserve water and heating bills.