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Heat Pumps / Central Heat Pump

Getting the air temperature inside your home or office to be just the way you like it in the most cost effective and efficient way possible is important. Your comfort and the future of your central ventilation will be taken care of. As a part of modern heating, cooling, and ventilation systems the use of a central heat pump is one of the best ways to assure a warm and cozy environment within your home.

A heat pump and it’s concept of action are fairly simple to explain. In short, a heat pump is a form of ventilating circumvention that uses the air outside of the structure to adjust the temperature of the air within the building. What makes the heat pump so efficient is that it takes the existing heat and simply transfers it to where it is most needed. Other heaters spend the majority of their efforts generating heat to disperse around an entire ventilated space and can cause “hot spots”.

Having a heat pump as a part of your central ventilation is a great way to keep the room you are occupying warm without needing to spend hundreds of dollars a month pumping heat into rooms that aren’t necessarily in need of high levels of warmth. This cuts energy costs down ten-fold by not frequently heating up the heating element to pass on to all the air. Since the heat pumps installed in modern buildings today are all electric, it saves even more money by being able to quickly operate a heat transfer and circumvent the air unit and heat pump without needing to slowly burn and harness the energy from a gas line.

Routine maintenance should be performed on a heat pump nearly every winter to assure that the refrigerant and ventilation pump are working properly. While these heat pumps are very reliable and durable, a short in the electrical wiring or a clog in the air vent lines will begin to overwork the system. This causes further damage and inefficiency.

If you are unsure that your heat pump is functioning properly or you just to want make everything is secure and clean before the cold sweeps in, don’t wait any longer to schedule a visit from one of our trusted technicians. At Clark HVAC we know that customer satisfaction and a job well done accompany any warm living space very nicely. Let our trusted and experienced technicians assure your central heating and ventilation services are ready to go.