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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is a way that heat can be transferred to the place it is needed most. There are lots of available configurations which allow the owner to achieve their personal comfort level. These heating systems can provide heat to the home via water and even maintain the temperature of a swimming pool. When installed properly by HVAC they provide premium adjustable heating for as long as the building stands. If you are looking for reliability as well as comfort, hydronic heating is the way to go!

What are the benefits?

  • Comfort specifically for the householder
  • Low running cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Heat emitters and comfortable humidity levels
  • Different temperatures in different rooms/apartments
  • No effect on room pressure leading to a 40% lower energy usage
  • No risk of air loss
  • Better air circulation


We can find you the right hydraulic heating system for your needs to ensure the comfort of everyone living there in any building size. Looking at a single system you will be able to have space saving heating, hot water and even specialty heating for swimming pools, spa’s etc. being so versatile the cost of installation is greatly reduced as there is no need for exhaust systems and other supply components.

Depending on your requirements you may prefer a different system for each floor; this is especially the case if you have a baseboard on the upper floor(s). Because of the way modern hydraulic heating systems have been engineered it is easier to combine them than ever before.



Heating systems that force air around can also unfortunately force allergens into the air such as pollen and dust which can exacerbate common conditions like asthma and eczema. Even smoke can find its way into the home. Over years of use the ducts systems can become clogged leading to them needing regular maintenance or even replacement after a few short years.


Some heating systems can be noisy which can cause your family’s sleep to be disrupted. The way water is distributed with hydraulics provides less noise on start-up and shut down. This is only the case when the system is installed by a professional company like Clark HVAC.


Fitting a new water system can be extremely disruptive to all occupants of the home and can even mean that redecorating is necessary afterwards. Concealing the ducting of a conventional system can be difficult and sometimes impossible. We fit our hydraulics systems as discreetly as possible and can be integrated into the buildings structure. This is especially useful when there is little space to begin with. Pipes can be hidden with ease by utilizing much smaller conduits. Less air is needed for distribution with these systems. Tubes measuring ¾ of an inch in diameter have the ability to carry as much heat as the standard 14x8 inch tubes.