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Electric Heating

We provide many types of electric heating systems to help our customers achieve an effective and cost efficient way to heat their homes and water. Efficiency of installation is only one of the many benefits of using electricity for heating. Check the HVAC full range or speak to a representative today to find out which is the best for your home or business.


One of the many ways we can save you money with electric heating is with the installation. It only takes a few minutes to wire up a system so you don’t have to worry about days of construction for your’ heated air and water.
If you’ve decided to extend your property, you can have extra points for water or heating easily installed.

You don’t need to install flues or get planning permission to install electric heating. There is no emission of potentially dangerous gas to worry about. No emissions, no time, no problem!


The HVAC electric heating systems and components are made to be as efficient as possible. to save you money on your energy bills. When people look into electric heating they tend to only look at one aspect of the cost involved: the electric bill. The systems don’t waste any fuel, so every dollar out of your pocket is used completely. The price of gas has risen 93% over the past 12 years, but electricity has only risen by 54%. This is an easy decision.
There are no moving parts in electric heating systems making them much less prone to break or malfunction due to dust and “wear-and-tear”. Modern gas systems last half as long as the average electricity system.


Modern technology allows the latest electric heating systems to be fast and responsive so that temperature adjustments can be made within minutes of resetting your thermostat. We offer our customers different control options to adjust the heating level of their even when they’re out at work or running herons. This is extremely ideal when they want to cut the electric bill by turning the heat off while out, and turning it back on before returning.


With the personal controls you can set the timer to activate the water heater before your daily routine so that electricity isn’t wasted by heating the water throughout the night.