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Welcome to Clark HVAC, your all inclusive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service provider. Our business prides itself on providing the best service and customer satisfaction that you and your family deserve when it comes to making the air and environment within your home as comfortable, clean, and safe as possible. There is no HVAC project too large or small for expertly trained staff to handle.

When it comes to the quality of air and overall circulation in your home or a business, a simple change in function or efficiency can quickly create discomfort within the structure. Due to many temperature changes fluctuating with the seasons, it’s very important that hot or cold air be able to freely circulate your home without an issue so that you can keep your electric and utility bills low while maintaining a comfortable living and working environment for all those inside.

Here at Clark HVAC we specialize in a number of different services to assure the best possibly air quality in your home. Some of the services we offer are:

Our highly trained technicians are able to tackle a variety of different heating and cooling issues within any type of structure. This is very important to those in need of service because each and every structure visited is different and unique in it’s own way. Some buildings have more modern and efficient HVAC systems, including small scale electric heaters or cooling systems based on the size of the space they are circulating. Other structures may have dated installations, such as oil or propane burning lines to heat the air or water tanks. These installations require a certain level of knowledge, experience, and most of all care when working on them, to assure that those living in the area aren’t at risk of any dangers a faulty heating or cooling system may cause.

Aside from heating, ventilation, and cooling, our technicians also look at water heaters and their components. Having a reliable warm water source is very important to families in order to carry on with their daily routine. From washing clothes and dishes to cleaning their home and themselves, water heaters are a very vital part of the modern living situation. This is why Clark HVAC knows how to work on a number of different types of water heating installations. Providing clean warm air as well as access to steady hot water is just another way we can please our customers through our trusted service.

If you have been experiencing any issues with any elements of heat or ventilation in your home or business, or simply are curious about having a routine maintenance and check up done on the heating elements within your building, feel free to contact our office today. At Clark HVAC we pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable, and efficient in fixing and maintaining any kind of heating or ventilation project that comes our way.